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Ryan's Mission

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About Ryan

It wasn’t always plain sailing for Ryan!


Here’s a little bit about Ryan and the struggles he faced!


ASPIRING professional footballer to qualified investment adviser to independent fitness, health and wellbeing guru.


It’s safe to say that Ryan Heath’s life and career trajectory has been rather more varied and unorthodox than most.


The Jersey-born ex-banker is the founder and owner of Healthy Ever After Health Hub which is packed full of goodness and life changing healthful information.  

Including the fundamentals of activity, the importance of nutrition and energy intake to help you maintain a healthy body and mind so you feel and look unreal.

Plus... lots of extra bonuses…. including online challenges, which focus on helping you lose weight, having more energy, getting you fitter, healthier and happier in a fun and enjoyable way.


Due to popular demand’s Ryan is in the process of setting up - Ryan Heath Mobile PT. Ryan will help you face to face, hold you accountable and get you into amazing shape in next to no time (Jersey residents only).


‘As a kid, I was always told that if you eat everything on your plate then you’ll get big and strong,’ ‘I was a very sporty kid so I could eat and do whatever I wanted. I didn’t have any need to understand anything else.

But then my circumstances changed – I got older, I had kids, I landed a sedentary office job – and that was when the weight started piling on.


‘My activity levels were pretty much non-existent but I was still eating and doing whatever I wanted when it came to food.

I just assumed that, as you get older, you basically get more fat and less fit.


But that is so not true. And I’m here to help you with that.’

The Struggles


"I used to struggle with my weight and the way I looked and felt. I was actually obese at one point without even realising.

For years I worked in a sedentary office job and muddled through the minefield of nutrition and exercise”. 

‘I remember back when I split up with my ex, I was in a bad place for a while, my Mindset was shot and I was depressed."

‘A good friend said to me, “Why don’t you join a gym or get a coach?” I think my response was, “Why don’t you **** off?” (lol).

Back then, I thought gyms were full of posers and I didn’t want to go somewhere that was filled with meathead types, or at least that was my perception at the time. But my friend said “Come on, what have you got to lose?

You already feel down and depressed and exercising will make you feel good”.

So I gave it a go. I got a coach and I gradually came to realise that my perception was all wrong.’

Perceptions duly changed, Ryan would go on to launch HEA Health Hub and release a series of successful challenges, along with health and wellbeing books.

By his own admittance, it is all a long way from the ‘Jersey lad who couldn’t spell’ and who didn’t pay much attention in school.

Ryan An Author?!

Not Your Ordinary Cook Book

Healthy Meals In Half The Time

Epiphany Moment


“I was a real lad and I had football on the brain. I was always really sporty and, back then, one of my dreams was to be a professional football player”.


Upon leaving school, however, Ryan experienced ‘a bit of a shock’ as his planned footballing career failed to materialise.


‘Ryan landed a sedentary office Job which he worked in for years. Problems arose, when the company asked him to perform work which he deemed outside his remit – or, as football-loving Ryan puts it: ‘They started moving the goalposts.’


‘I was working long weekends and generally working far more hours than I was used to doing. It got to the point where, one weekend, I just thought, “You know what, I don’t want to do this”. It was 8pm on a Sunday and there I was sitting at my desk in the office on my own. I thought, “I’ve had enough of this”. I decided I was done with the office lifestyle. The very next day I handed in my notice.’


‘Originally I’d wanted to go travelling with my ex but then we had kids and so we never went.’


But that weekend I thought, “I’m in a position now where I can actually go travelling and see a bit of the world and reassess my life”. And so I did.’ Start of the epiphany moment!

Light Bulb Moment

And it was while trekking across the globe that Ryan had what he describes as the ‘lightbulb moment’ that led to him seeking a latter-day career in Coaching - personal fitness and mental health and wellbeing.

‘I’ve always enjoyed interacting with other people so during my travels I decided to go on a few health and wellness fitness retreats, I loved it. I loved the buzz that I got from it, and I thought, “I could do this to help others”. It was an epiphany moment.


‘I’d been in sedentary office job for years and, during that time, I’d learned nothing about nutrition and training,’ he continues. ‘A lot of people work in sedentary roles and it is a profession where you tend to be so busy that you neglect your health. I thought I could help other people who’ve been in similar situations to me.


I started going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole trying to find stuff out and to educate myself about what was what.’

Determined to understand ‘the basics and principles’, Ryan spent months conducting in-depth research online, a process which he admits was often frustrating and resulted in a minefield of unreliable and often contradictory information.

 “Nothing really changed until I put skin in the game... I invested in my health, paid for a coach and further education.

I’ve spent years researching, thousands on exams and travelling all over the UK learning and working with the best in the business”. 

Ryan's done all the hard work for you.

Ryan's Mission

“My mission is to reveal the BIG FAT SECRET and share my knowledge so you don’t have to face the same struggles as me and to help make a positive difference to your life both mentally and physically in a way that is easy for you to understand and implement without all the confusing BS.

I know exactly how you feel… I’m human just like you and I’ve been there myself".

I've done the hard work for you and will share my top tips and secrets to success!

The tendency for people to compare themselves to others is, of course, particularly common within the world of health and fitness and it is a trait which Ryan works hard to combat, both in himself and others".

Health before Wealth

Time Machine

Picture This!

Sports Day - Time to jump in the time machine – think about your school sports day events?

Was it a hot or cold day?

Did you win… come in the top three…. or come last?

How did you feel before and after the race?

If you can’t remember that far back how did your kids do on their sports day events?

Did they win… come in the top three…. or come last?

How did you feel? How did they feel?

Did you participate in the parent’s race to try and win to make them proud?

Did you win… come in the top three…. or come last?

How did you feel? How did they feel?

Positive, Incredible, Ecstatic, Amazing, Happy, Pleased, Lucky, Invincible, Super Hero, Focussed, Unstoppable 

Negative, Appalled, Stunned, Shocked, Surprised, Upset, Unlucky, Devastated, Horrible, Stressed, Depressed

I used to love sports day… especially when I'd win events - I feel incredible - like a super hero!


I’ll never forget the day I was winning the 800 metre race and ended up literally running out of steam right on the finish line and ended up coming 4th … I was devastated - I felt horrible!

The moral of the story it feels amazing to feel like a winner...


The beauty about the challenge is there’s no losers…

...just winners… you'll win yourself!

If you want to feel incredible and get my winning formula to help you look and feel unreal then take the challenge and do you and your family super proud!

You have two choses...

1 – You do nothing and stay as you are and continue to struggle and muddle through things…


2 – Take my short cut and invest in yourself, take action… become a winner and feel unreal - get fitter, healthier and happier too!

You just need to take the first step...

Do yourself, your family and kids proud!

Skin In The GAME

As a Parent I now think like this...

What do we do when we want to help improve our children's education or achievements in life?

We get our wallets out and invest in additional resources online, a sports coach or school tutor, university etc...

No questions asked...


We want what’s best for our kids... right?

The crazy thing...

I've noticed over the years is we generally think we know best when it comes to our own progress and health. Unless its job related we tend not to invest our time in our health but happily spend £100's or £1,000 on our pets, Sky, Netflix, takeaways, socialising, drinking etc.

I know... I was guilty of this myself but as I get older I am more aware and mindful of this.

I’ve come to realise without good health not only do we suffer... but the financial burden we bring on our family too - so it’s important to flip our way of thinking, budget and invest in our health to stay healthy and active for our own sanity and of course to spend precious time with our family along with the enjoyment of seeing our kids grow up. 


Putting skin in the game totally changes the game...

Find someone who's got the expertise, knowledge, resources and done all the hard work for you and invest in them... we do it for our kids now its time to invest in YOU!

Fear of Failure

“Like most people... do you start out with good intentions and fail?

The thing you struggle with is the knowledge and or accountability to help follow through so you give up.

Knowledge saves time... accountability helps get results.

The Challenges give you ALL that and so much more”!

Can you relate to anything I've said?


Time Is Precious

Now it's time you decide...

Time for you to take action...

Don’t procrastinate and delay, the challenge is only available for a LIMITED TIME!

Become a Winner

Time for you to take action...

Don’t procrastinate and delay, the challenge is only available for a LIMITED TIME!

If you’re ready to invest and looking for a super easy bullet proof plan of action to help improve your Mindset, Nutrition, Training and to get real results then now’s the perfect time to invest in YOU!

Everything has been laid out in a logical order so it’s easy to understand & too help you get results in as little as just 30 days…


No gym equipment required so you can do it from the comfort of your own home too.

The challenge is designed for anyone who is looking to shift that Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat & Achieve The Transformation You’ve Always Dreamed Of - Without Restrictive Diets, Hours In The Gym, Or Lots Of Expensive Supplements!

Just think how good you will feel... this is your road map with the winning formula - you just need to start!

Check to join below...

Woman’s 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge here

Men’s 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge here

“I hope you found this healthful and look forward to helping you in some shape or form and I wish you every success on your health and wellness journey”.


Ryan Heath

P.S. - Don't forget, you can Make It Happen... 

Coach Heath

HEA Health Hub